Ranking the Fastest 40-Yard Dashes at the NFL Combine 2024

Fastest 40-Yard Dash

That NFL Combine moment when prospects line up for the fastest 40-yard dash? He positions himself, creating tension. It was his chance to show scouts from every team his raw speed. Some 40-time players are legends. He was talking to Chris Johnson quickly. The competition excelled this year. Lucas Oil Stadium has flashing timings. Nine prospects made the top ten all-time list. What rank did this year’s quickest man reach? Check out the full-speed rankings and which athletes set records during the 2024 NFL Combine.

What Is a Competitive Fastest 40-yard Dash Time?

You must run a competitive 40-yard sprint at the Combine to get picked into the NFL. Specific times are elite and will draw attention to your position, while others are average or below average.

Elite timing (4.30-4.50)

Running under 4.30 seconds is rare and highly wanted, especially for skill positions like wide receiver or defensive back. 4.30–4.50 is still excellent for most positions and ranks you among the fastest players. The game-changing speed at 4.50 is unteachable. Linemen consider anything under 5 seconds elite.

Over Average (4.60-4.70 seconds)

This speed won’t make you a high draft pick, but it will prove you’re fast enough for your position. Speed lets you make plays in skill positions. Linemen are quick to place. Reasonable skill and instincts can overcome slowness.

Average (4.71-4.85 seconds)

Your speed is average for most positions here. Thus, it would help if you excelled in strength, agility, and position drills. Being fast won’t get you drafted; you’ll need to be solid in all other areas and hope a team sees your potential. Average speed can be improved; therefore, hope remains.

The Fastest 40-yard dash is important, but there are other factors. Elite speed opens more doors, but average speed won’t if you have the skill and hard ethic to overcome it. You can demonstrate your entire package at the Combine to compete at the next level.

How Fast Is Xavier Worthy?

Xavier Worthy will shine at the 2024 NFL Combine. Speed and athleticism define the University of Texas star wide receiver. At this year’s combine, Worthy’s fastest 40-yard dash is highly anticipated. Everyone wonders: how quickly can Worthy run?

Worthy’s Field Speed

Worthy can outrun defensive backs on the field. He could take any reception to the house with his quickness off the line and long strides. In two seasons with the Longhorns, Worthy caught over 2,500 yards and 24 touchdowns, demonstrating his speed.

Comparisons to Recent Stars

His uncommon mix of size, speed, and playmaking ability has garnered parallels to Tyreek Hill and Deebo Samuel. Hill, the “cheetah,” clocked a 4.24 40-yard sprint at his combine and is the NFL’s top deep threat. Despite being smaller, Samuel has terrorized defenses with his speed and strength. Worthy will be a top draft candidate if he runs the 40 in sub-4.3 seconds.

Projections for Worthy’s 40 Times

Most pundits predict Worthy to run the 40 in 4.28–4.35, which is fast for a guy his size. Worthy may break into the top 10 with a sub-4.3 40. Worthy’s speed and athletic scores should be among the highest combined, even with high projections.

Every eye will be on Worthy’s combined 40-yard dash time. A quick time might boost his draft stock and get GMs thinking about using his particular strengths. Before the NFL draft, Worthy’s 40 times will determine his image.

Who Has the Fastest 40 Time at the NFL Combine?

The NFL scouting combine’s fastest 40-yard dash is highly anticipated. The fastest players can wow NFL scouts and boost their draft stock. Many players ran quick 40s at the 2024 combine, securing early-round picks.

1. WR Xavier Worthy: 4.21 seconds (2024)

2. WR John Ross III: 4.22 seconds (2017)

3. CB Kalon Barnes: 4.23 seconds (2022)

4. RB Chris Johnson: 4.24 seconds (2008)

T-5. RB Dri Archer: 4.26 seconds (2014)

T-5. CB Tariq Woolen: 4.26 seconds (2022)

T-5. CB DJ Turner II: 4.26 seconds (2023)

T-8. WR Marquise Goodwin 4.27 seconds (2010)

T-8. WR Henry Ruggs III: 4.27 seconds (2020)

T-10. WR Jacoby Ford: 4.28 seconds (2010)

T-10. WR J.J. Nelson: 4.28 seconds (2015)

T-10. CB Jalen Myrick: 4.28 seconds (2017)

T-10. WR Tyquan Thornton: 4.28 seconds (2022)

T-10. CB Nate Wiggins: 4.28 (2024)

T-15. S Zedrick Woods: 4.29 (2019)

T-15. CB Javelin Guidry: 4.29 (2020)

Another fastest 40-yard dash was LB Kenneth Murray (4.36 sec), S Grant Delpit (4.38 sec), and CB Jeff Okudah (4.42 sec). Speed and athleticism are always desirable, but 40 times define something other than a career. Players with the fastest combined 40 times frequently have lengthy, successful NFL careers.

2024 Combine Workouts of Fastest 40-yard Dash

The NFL Scouting Combine’s highlight is the 40-yard dash—this speed and acceleration test thrills fans and scouts. New, lightning-fast athletes set combined records in 2024.

On his first try, DeVonta Smith ran 4.33 seconds, shocking spectators. Heisman Trophy-winning Alabama wideout exhibited breakaway speed to match his elite skills. Minnesota wideout Rashod Bateman also got into the 4.3s with a 4.39.

On defense, Ohio State cornerback Shaun Wade and Alabama cornerback Patrick Surtain II also reached 4.4. Sub-4.4 speeds indicate their potential as lockdown corners at the next level.

Tight end Kyle Pitts ran a brilliant 4.46 at 6-foot-4 and 229 pounds. The Florida tight end’s unique size, speed, and athleticism might make him an NFL mismatch nightmare.

Though incomplete, 40 times provides an objective measure of raw speed that substantially influences a player’s draft status. The 2024 combine’s fastest times have given teams enough to be enthused. Young stars are fast and thrilling.

Other Workouts

In addition to the fastest 40-yard dash, athletes performed the vertical leap, broad jump, 3-cone drill, and shuttle run. These drills are also closely watched for wide receiver, running back, and defensive back. Strong performances indicate explosiveness, agility, and change of direction, which are NFL-relevant.


Here are the 2024 NFL Combine’s fastest 40-yard dash sprints. These players’ explosiveness and wheels increased their draft stock. A fast 40 times doesn’t produce a great football player, but breakaway speed helps. Ask any of these names who are lighting it up on Sundays. These fast talents might be the big play threats that win your fantasy draft this summer. Watch the combine again next year to see who sets a record with the fastest 40.


Who ran the 40-yard dash fastest?

Northwestern University wide receiver Rashawn Slater ran the quickest 40-yard sprint in 4.33 seconds. Slater’s speed and athleticism made him a high-draft candidate. Slater will be targeted by teams seeking a deep wideout after that performance.

Which 40-yard dash time is fast?

Anything under 4.5 seconds is above average for wide receivers and defensive backs. Elite speedsters run 4.3s or less. For linebackers and tight ends, 4.7 seconds or less is ideal. The 40-yard dash isn’t everything, but in the speed-focused NFL, it may draw attention.

How important is the 40-yard dash?

During the NFL combine, the 40-yard sprint gets much attention, but teams know straight-line speed is only one factor. Player performance depends on quickness, strength, work ethic, and football IQ. Some top NFL players ran slower 40 times. The legendary wide receiver Jerry Rice ran 4.7. Teams must use the 40 properly to assess raw athletic talent.

Why are they run 40 yards?

The 40-yard dash tests speed and acceleration over a considerable distance, yet it’s short enough to focus on speed. Forty yards is far enough to require acceleration to reach full speed, but not so far that endurance is important. The fastest 40-yard dash split after 10 yards helps evaluate a player’s burst and first steps. Teams can assess a player’s speed at 40 yards for most positions.

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