Anant Ambani Wedding 10 Inside Biggest Lavish Marriage Ceremony

Anant Ambani Wedding

You’ve heard about India’s richest families’ opulent weddings, but nothing could prepare you for Radhika Merchant’s and Anant Ambani wedding. Anant’s wedding was high-profile as Mukesh Ambani’s son. Despite this, the Ambanis pulled off a spectacular event. Take a peek at fairytale parties with political elites and Bollywood stars as guests, with extravagant floral displays and cuisine. Our tour of the lavish Ambani-Merchant wedding will make you feel like royalty with its exquisite touches. See this wedding to believe it!

Who All are Invited to Anant Ambani Wedding?

Although the Ambanis have not revealed Anant’s wedding guest list, it is easy to identify the high-profile guests. Due to their size and lavishness, the Ambani weddings are likely to attract notable entrepreneurs, political leaders, socialites, and film stars.

Bill Gates is known for his modesty; therefore, his traditional Indian clothing fit. Bill Gates attended the opulent Ambani wedding due to his longtime acquaintance with the family and his Indian philanthropy. Bill Gates and his fiancée Paula Hurd attended Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant’s star-studded Jamnagar pre-wedding festivities. Bill Gates chatted and posed for pictures at the occasion.

Parents Mukesh and Nita Ambani, siblings Isha and Akash, and their spouses would be among the guests. Kokilaben Ambani, Anant’s grandmother, is anticipated to attend. Close pals of Anant from Brown University and Harvard Business School may be included.

Executives from big Indian conglomerates such as Tatas, Birlas, Bajaj, Godrej, and Mahindras often attend Anant Ambani wedding. Reliance’s worldwide partners, including Saudi Aramco and BP Plc, may send top executives to celebrate.

As art supporters, the Ambanis are linked to many Bollywood performers, directors, and producers. Anant’s friends Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, and Deepika Padukone are anticipated to attend.

The Ambanis’ opulent weddings attract headlines. The elite of India will attend Anant’s lavish wedding. In typical Ambani style, the celebrations will last days. Anant and Radhika’s lavish Indian wedding is the year’s highlight!

Why is Anant Ambani Getting Married in Jamnagar?

Jamnagar, a Gujarat port city, is important to the Ambanis. Dhirubhai Ambani, Anant’s grandfather, was from Jamnagar. Jamnagar also birthed Anant’s grandma, Kokilaben Ambani.

Anant Ambani wedding in Jamnagar honors his grandparents and family roots. Jamnagar is the ‘cradle of the Ambani empire’; thus, the next generation should start their story there.

Sentimental Value

Getting married in his ancestral hometown may be sentimental for Anant. His grandparents helped develop the Ambani business empire, so celebrating his wedding in Jamnagar honors them. The ritual in Jamnagar brings Anant closer to his grandparents on this memorable day.

Cultural Importance

A traditional Indian wedding in one’s hometown is culturally significant. Anant and Radhika’s spectacular wedding included several Gujarati traditions to honor their culture. The community aspect of Indian weddings is enhanced by celebrating in Jamnagar with family and friends.

Reasons Logistics

Jamnagar has the space and resources to conduct a lavish Indian wedding for over 1,000 guests. The Jamnagar estate, ‘Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital,’ features verdant grounds perfect for a multi-day event. Jamnagar’s infrastructure and hospitality industry can handle such a high-profile event.

Anant and Radhika’s decision to marry in Jamnagar shows how family, culture, and custom shaped their wedding day. This joyful occasion was best celebrated at home for the Ambanis.

Bride and Groom Radhika Merchant and Anant Ambani.

Radhika Merchant

Industrialist Viren Merchant’s gorgeous bride, Radhika Merchant. She looked stunning in a pale pink lehenga with gold embroidery for the wedding. Groom Anant Ambani looked gorgeous in an ivory sherwani.

A lavish event

This Anant Ambani wedding was expected to be lavish because the Ambani and Merchant families are known for it. The three-day celebration at the Ambani home in Mumbai began with a mehendi ceremony. The wedding was spectacular, with celebrity guests and performances.

A celebrity guest list

Shah Rukh Khan, Ranbir Kapoor, and Hillary Clinton attended. As friends of numerous public people, the Ambanis’ children’s weddings always draw celebrities.

Musical extravaganza

How can an Ambani wedding be without spectacular music? Arijit Singh, Badshah, and Harshdeep Kaur sang at the sangeet. On their occasions, the Ambanis create spectacular entertainment.

A new chapter

Anant and Radhika have known each other for years because their families are buddies. This union starts an exciting new chapter in their life as a gorgeous couple. I wish the newlyweds lifelong happiness!

Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant’s wedding was unforgettable. The abundance and fanfare showed why Ambani family parties are famous worldwide. Anant and Radhika are lucky to have such supportive families as they marry.

Anant Ambani Wedding Venue

The Mumbai Ambani home hosted Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant’s spectacular wedding. The most costly private mansion is Antilia, which the Ambanis own. It was ideal for the major festivities, with 27 floors and 400,000 square feet of interior area.

The pastel pink and ivory decor made the location lovely for wedding events. Antilia’s front lawns were decked with hundreds of fresh flowers, lanterns, and string lights for mehendi and sangeet celebrations. The phrase, or wedding rounds, were held under a bright pink and green mandap.

Over 1,500 people were accommodated in Antilia’s lobby for the wedding celebration. Fresh flower garlands and pink drapes decorated the grand marble staircases. Massive crystal chandeliers from high ceilings illuminated the room. Guests enjoyed a magnificent spread of gourmet food and entertainment at pink-lined round tables on numerous floors.

The Ambani heir’s wedding was lavish. World-renowned chefs created extravagant dinners, exotic flowers were flown in, and top musicians and dancing troupes performed. Bentleys, Rolls-Royces, and Mercedes drove visitors to opulent festivities. Anant and Radhika’s glorious wedding will be remembered as one of the most lavish.

The Ambanis live lavishly. They decorated their mansion in pink for their son’s wedding and held royal celebrations. Anant and Radhika will never forget their fairytale wedding at the Ambani estate.


Radhika Merchant’s and Anant Ambani wedding is revealed. It was a memorable event, from the lavish design to the celebrity guests. As a guest, you saw the pomp and circumstance firsthand. Amazing sangeets and sweet vows. This may seem excessive to us commoners, yet the Ambanis do it. This tremendous event left you with lifelong memories. I hope the happy couple has many years of marriage bliss!


How much did Anant Ambani’s wedding cost?

In addition to the lavish wedding at the Belvedere Palace, Sukhbir performed during the mehendi ceremony at Vienna’s Palais Liechtenstein Park. According to reports, the most opulent wedding of the year cost Rs 210 crores.

Who did Bill Gates attend Ambani’s wedding with?

Bill Gates and his fiancée Paula Hurd attended Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant’s star-studded Jamnagar pre-wedding festivities.

What is Anant Ambani’s pre-wedding ceremony?

The Hastakshar ceremony highlighted Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant’s pre-wedding festivities.

Who’s got Anant Ambani’s wedding invitation?

Gautam Adani, Tata Sons chairman Natarajan Chandrasekaran, Aditya Birla Group Chairperson Kumar Mangalam Birla, Godrej family, Infosys chairman Nandan Nilekani, RPSG Group head Sanjiv Goenka, Wipro’s Rishad Premji, banker Uday Kotak, and all celebrities.

What is anant ambani wedding date jamnagar?

Everything from the guest list to the cuisine and presents will be spectacular. Last January, Anant and Radhika were engaged in a traditional Gol Dhana ceremony. They will marry on July 12.

Where is anant ambani wedding location?

The event will be held in the new Jamnagar Township Temple. This marks the couple’s marriage in front of the family. The Nita Ambani-designed temple complex showcases India’s culture.

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