Facebook Not Working It Down Again Quick Fixes With These Tips

Facebook Not Working

On Tuesday, thousands of Meta users reported issues accessing Facebook and Instagram. Users reported Facebook not working or logging out of Facebook and seeing an error message like “Something went wrong” when they tried to log in. Please try again.” Downdetector reported a rise in error reports after 10:30 a.m. ET on Tuesday, March 5. By 11 a.m., Downdetector had received almost 500,000 mistake complaints. Login issues accounted for 76% of Facebook issues.  We’ll discuss typical concerns like getting logged out or requesting to reset your password during an outage with step-by-step remedies. Find out why Facebook crashes and how to fix it.

What say Meta Owner

Meta spokesman Andy Stone commented on Twitter at 10:52 a.m. ET, “We’re aware people are having trouble accessing our services. We’re working on it.”

At 10:17 a.m. ET, the Facebook Login Status website reported “major disruptions,” saying, “We are aware of an issue impacting Facebook Login. Our engineering teams are working to fix the problem quickly.” The page updated at 12:07 p.m. to say that Facebook login services were being restored. We regret any inconvenience.”

Why Is Facebook Not Working?

Facebook downtime frequently indicates server trouble. Common reasons Facebook may not function for you:

Technical Issues

Thousands of servers power Facebook. The platform may be unavailable if their servers or network fail. As Facebook fixes the flaws, these disruptions typically end within hours.

Software updates

Facebook routinely upgrades its platform, and glitches can create disruptions. Facebook fixes these issues rapidly, but software updates commonly cause outages.

Account Issues

Sometimes, your Facebook not working; the problem is particular to your account. You may have forgotten your password or been hacked or disabled. Reset your password or ask Facebook to evaluate your account. Following Facebook’s instructions to verify your identity and restore access can fix these account issues.

Internet access

Your end may be the issue. Make sure your internet connection and other web pages load properly. It’s best to rule out network or device issues before blaming Facebook if it’s simply Facebook that’s broken.

Stressed by Traffic

Due to high-traffic Facebook not working, Facebook’s systems can get overwhelmed during critical international events. You can only wait as Facebook adds capacity to manage the additional server loads. Short-lived interruptions are typical.

When Facebook fails, be calm and attempt these troubleshooting techniques. In most cases, Facebook will restart soon. If all else fails, withdraw from social media and enjoy it! Facebook will remain online after restoration.

Check Facebook’s Status in Your Area

Check for Facebook outages in your area when Facebook not working, as they can affect specific locations. The quickest option is to check Facebook’s status dashboard for updates on issues and affected locations.

Check Downdetector

prominent website Downdetector monitors prominent websites and services. Downdetector displays a current outage map of reported issues. Search Downdetector for “Facebook”. Highlighted regions on the global map indicate concerns. Check your area’s impact. The site offers a chart of recent problem reports to check if difficulties are rising.

Find Trending Hashtags

When many people lose access to Facebook, and Facebook not working similar hashtags surge on Twitter. Search Twitter for #FacebookDown, #Facebook, or #FacebookNotWorking. See what locals say. The posts may indicate a broad Facebook malfunction. When Facebook doesn’t answer, users use hashtags to vent!

View Your Profile and Settings

If Facebook works for others but not for you, your profile or settings may be the issue. Try logging out and back into Facebook. Make sure your Facebook app has no software upgrades. Facebook passwords and settings should not have changed.

Transparent Browser Cache Loading Facebook can be affected by a full browser cache. Clear your browser’s cache, history, and cookies. Completely close and reopen your browser. Try reloading Facebook to fix loading or login issues. If Facebook functions for most people but not you, deleting the browser cache may fix it.

Restart Your Device When Facebook Not Working

If Facebook is down for you but working for your friends, it may be your device or internet connection. Don’t worry—restart your phone, tablet, or computer. A reboot refreshes network settings and memory, fixing minor software faults that may block Facebook from loading.

Reboot Wi-Fi router

Wrong wi-fi signals often create Facebook connectivity issues. Unplug your wifi router for 30 seconds to reset it, then connect it back in. After the router restarts, reopen Facebook. Refreshing your wi-fi signal may fix your news feed.

Upgrade Apps and Software

Facebook crashes, and login troubles sometimes result from outdated apps and OSes. Install the latest Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and device software. Regular updates include security patches and bug fixes that improve connectivity and prevent Facebook issues.

Clear Browser Cache and Cookies

If Facebook doesn’t function after rebooting your device and router, erase your browser’s cache and cookies. Cache and cookie data corruption can slow page loading. Find “clear cache” and “clear cookies” in your browser settings. Reload Facebook after deleting browsing data. Resetting your login and preferences should restore Facebook functionality.

You may need to reset your Facebook password as a final resort to log in when Facebook not working. Click “Forgotten password?” at facebook.com/login. Enter your email or username and follow the instructions to create a secure password. New passwords often fix account access issues. If nothing works, submit the problem to Facebook so they can investigate your login issues. With patience and basic troubleshooting, you’ll be scrolling your news stream again soon.


Don’t worry about Facebook not working and Is Instagram Down Today case. It’s fine quickly. Here are some fast remedies in case Facebook goes down again. Being unable to scroll or post is frustrating for everyone. Before panicking or thinking your account was hacked, breathe and try these tips. Most likely, Zuck’s servers are glitching again. Be calm and keep browsing social media, pal. This, too, shall pass. Enjoy some quality time offline until your feed works again.


Why doesn’t Facebook work?

Facebook may need to behave more due to an outdated app issue or incompatibility. We recommend leaving automatic updates on. Here’s how to enable automatic iPhone and Android app upgrades.

Why are Facebook links broken?

Your link may need to be fixed or corrected. This is the most likely reason to change your connection. The website server can’t find your link.

How is my FB stuck?

Facebook freezes on Android? Ensure the Facebook webpage or app has enough space to load and run. For Android smartphones, tap Settings > About to check device space.

Why is Facebook black?

Browser/App Issue: Black screens can result from browser or Facebook app difficulties. Browser cache and cookies cleanup or Facebook app update.

Why won’t Facebook open on my phone?

If your internet connection is robust and everything else is fine, Facebook may not work due to permission concerns. Ensure the social network has everything it needs from your phone to work in terms of Facebook Not Working.

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