Who is Ryan Gosling’s Wife? Get to Know All About Eva Mendes

Who is Ryan Gosling’s Wife

Have you heard about Ryan Goslings and want to know Who is Ryan Gosling’s Wife?. Hollywood couples Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are quite secretive. Despite being together since 2011 and having two daughters, we didn’t know if they were married until November 2022! Still, the couple has kept their family together and out of the press for 12 years, making them one of the most stable families in the profession.

Gosling violated precedent by praising Mendes in his 2017 Golden Globe acceptance speech for La La Land. While I was singing, dancing, playing piano, and having the best film experiences of my life, I want to say thank you to one person, my lady was raising our daughter, pregnant with our second, and trying to help her brother fight cancer,” he said. “If she hadn’t taken all that on so I could have this experience, someone else would be up here. So sweetheart, thanks.”

Who is Ryan Gosling’s Wife? & How Did Eva And Ryan Meet?

Ryan Gosling meets Eva Mendes.

Are you searching for Who is Ryan Gosling’s Wife, The Place Beyond the Pines, a 2012 criminal thriller about a former couple co-parenting their son, introduced Gosling and Mendes. The actors’ passion blossomed on set, like many Hollywood romances.

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling first appeared together.

The Mickey Mouse Club alum accompanied Mendes to Disneyland in 2011. The seemingly more-than-co-stars held hands and displayed PDA during their outing, sparking flames.

Eva Mendes won’t state her relationship status with Ryan Gosling.

Although the actors were seen together in Disneyland while filming Pines, neither Mendes nor Gosling confirmed their relationship. In May 2012, Mendes laughed aside dating rumors regarding Gosling on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are supposed to have their first child.

After information of who is Ryan Gosling’s wife, A source said Mendes was pregnant with her and Gosling’s first child. No one was surprised when neither confirmed the news.

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling had a baby girl.

They quietly had a daughter Esmeralda Amada in 2014. Mendes told beauty curator Violet Grey that a character from one of her favorite books inspired the name.

For Lost River, Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes

Gosling wrote and directed Lost River, co-starring Mendes, in 2015.

“Working on Lost River was fantastic. I want to work with him again or be directed by him, “Mendes told Oprah Daily in 2019 about the project. “I adore working with him. After 20+ years, I’d want a third of my most amazing creative moments with him.”

How Did Eva And Ryan Meet

Ryan and Eva had another daughter.

Now you know about who is Ryan Gosling’s wife, Mendes had their second daughter, Amada Lee, in 2016.

My grandma is Amada, and our oldest is Esmeralda. After our baby was born, we didn’t like the names we chose, “Mendes told Hello! We invented more that morning and tested them. ‘What about Viviana?’ But we kept returning to Amada.”

Ryan Gosling honours Eva Mendes in his acceptance speech.

Gosling praised Mendes and dedicated his 2017 Golden Globes triumph (Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy for La La Land) to her late brother.

While I was singing, dancing, playing piano, and enjoying one of the best cinematic experiences ever, my lady was parenting our daughter, pregnant with our second, and helping her brother fight cancer.”

Eva Mendes lauds Ryan Gosling

So now you found the right answer of who is Ryan Gosling’s wife, Mendes told Women’s Health in 2019 that she never contemplated having children before she met Gosling.

“Ryan Gosling happened,” she said. Getting into love with him. Not my kids, but his kids made sense. He was quite specific.”

Eva desires to “be home” with Ryan.

Mendes wrote on Instagram in 2020 that she loves being a homebody with Ryan Gosling.

No thanks, I’m fine. Better home with my man than somewhere else “she replied to a commenter who advised her to travel more.

Gosling discusses family with Eva Mendes and kids.

Gosling told British GQ in 2022, Despite Eva and I’s best efforts, our kids were too young to see other kids and interact with others.

Eva Mendes married Ryan Gosling.

On Australia’s Today show, Mendes casually called Gosling her “husband,” the Daily Mail claimed. “Everyone is so welcoming here, and my husband Ryan is here, and we are having the best time.”

Eva Mendes praises Ryan Gosling as Ken

So now you know who is Ryan Gosling’s wife, Ghost Rider (2007) actress exhibited her googly eyes for her real-life Ken doll. She captioned images of herself wearing a “Ryan Gosling as Ken” graphic T-shirt with, “Got that real big Kenergy.”

Ryan Gosling mentions Eva Mendes at the International Film Festival.

Gosling thanked his wife in his 2024 Kirk Douglas Award for Excellence in Film acceptance speech: “Most significantly, I met Eva Mendes, my dream girl, and had two dream children. Making films was my dream, and now they’re my life.”

Eva Mendes again backs Ryan Gosling as Ken

For his Barbie doll role, Gosling garnered an Oscar nomination in 2024 despite the #NotMyKen movement. Mendes used his nomination to support the actor and criticize naysayers on Instagram.

“So proud of my man,” the caption stated beside a screenshot of Gosling a Ken’s 2022 Rolling Stone review criticism. Despite #Notmyken criticism and stories, he developed this original, humorous, poignant, legendary character and took it to the Oscars. Very proud to be Ken’s Barbie.”

How Many Kids Does Ryan Gosling Have?

When you get the right answer of who is Ryan Gosling’s wife, Early 2024, Mendes launched a children’s book inspired by her daughters.

“My current project is passion-driven. On Feb. 22, Mendes announced on Instagram that having two girls inspired her debut picture book, DESI, MAMI & THE NEVER-ENDING WORRIES.

Emeline Amada

Mendes and Gosling had their first daughter Esmeralda in 2014.

Mendes told Good Morning America in 2018 that she loves seeing her then-4-year-old daughter express herself via clothes.

“She dresses herself and does interesting things, like wearing one-sleeved pajamas, and we’re like, ‘Amazing,'” Mendes remarked. Since I’m a mother to them, seeing what kids do organically is exciting.

Amada Lee

So you know who is Ryan Gosling’s wife. Their second daughter Amada was born in 2016.

Gosling informed Ellen DeGeneres in 2016 that Amada meant “beloved” in Spanish.

Though active online, Mendes and Gosling don’t publish photos of their girls.

A fan asked Mendes in 2020 if he had a clear border with his man and kids. I’ll discuss them with boundaries, but I won’t share everyday photos.

Mendes said he didn’t have his children’s consent since they’re too young to grasp what displaying their image implies. No photo will be posted until they’re old enough to consent.


Give a full stop to your search of who is Ryan Gosling’s wife. Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes married in November 2022. Their children Esmeralda Amada and Amada Lee Gosling are their pride.

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Has Ryan Gosling starred with Eva Mendes?

In 2012’s “The Place Beyond the Pines,” Gosling and Mendes played star-crossed lovers Luke and Romina. Although they started dating in 2011, Mendes confirmed on April 6, 2023, that they met before “The Place Beyond The Pines.”

Did Ryan Gosling become famous at what age?

At 13, Gosling became famous on Disney Channel’s The Mickey Mouse Club (1993–1995) and later appeared in Are You Afraid of the Dark? (1995) and Goosebumps (1996).

How many Oscars has Ryan Gosling won?

Despite multiple Oscar nominations, the Blade Runner 2049 and La La Land star has yet to win an Oscar. Gosling was nominated for Best Actor in 2006’s Half Nelson and 2016’s La La Land.

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