Tata Motors Share Price Target 2023 to 2026 What is the Outlook

Tata Motors Share Price Target

Tata Motors has been in the news lately. Over the past year, the Indian automaker’s share price has fluctuated, leaving investors uncertain whether to buy, sell, or hold. This article examines Tata Motors share price target forecast’s leading drivers. How are global auto industry developments and India’s economy affecting things? Will Tata Motors win market share with new vehicle launches? Analysts’ opinions on fair value and future target prices will be examined. You’ll learn whether Tata Motors stock is a good investment in 2023 and beyond. Look behind the hood!

An Overview of Tata Motors Share Price Target

Tata Motors may aspire to become India’s second-largest PV player by FY25-26. Nomura cited reports that Hyundai Motor India was considering an IPO in India.

Nomura India stated Tuesday that Tata Motors Ltd. (TTMT)’s demerger into CV and PV sectors may not impact the Street’s valuation strategy. It stated this is because India CVs, JLR, and PVs are well-run and disclosed well.

Nomura believes enterprises should be more inclined to follow their strategies in the medium term.

Tata Motors PV business has further value-creating potential in the coming years. After 2020, its PV business boomed from mid-single digits to 13.5% as of 9MFY24. Its focus on safety, appealing appearance, and feature-rich automobiles has pushed this. Nomura India predicted two TTMT SUVs in India’s top 3.

When you know Tata Motors share price target, The international brokerage suggested Tata Motors may strive to become India’s second-largest PV player by FY25-26F. Hyundai Motor India is considering an IPO in India at a $22-28 billion valuation, but it has far greater margins. Nomura India maintained a Rs 1,057 Tata Motors target price.

With a 70%+ market share, Tata Motors is leading EV penetration in India and intends to have 10 EV models by FY26. It hopes to get 50% of its volume from EVs by 2030. Nomura India said that TTMT’s approach might create significant value for the company.

Tata Motors’ PV EBITDA margins are 6.5%, although ICE margins rose 9.4% in Q3FY24. The entire margin fell due to Q3’s negative EV margins (-8.2%).

Since product development costs account for most EV margin reductions, we expect them to improve. A CV may be related to its growing market share and profitability. “Nomura India said e-Buses and e-LCVs may have upside potential that we do not currently value.”

All Tata Motors stockholders will have identical shareholdings in both listed firms after the NCLT demerger.

The demerger was inevitable following the subsidization of the PV and EV business in 2022.

Management expects synergies between PV, EV, and JLR, especially in EVs, driverless vehicles, and vehicle software. The approved demerger would improve customer experience, staff growth, and shareholder profitability.

Tata Motors Share Price Forecast for Tomorrow, Next Week and Month

Short-term Outlook of Tata Motors share price target: Tomorrow and Next Week

Tata Motors’ share price should trade sideways with minimal upside over the next two days. Technical indicators show the share price is overbought, suggesting higher-level profit booking could constrain gains. However, favorable company announcements could boost the stock. Support levels for tomorrow and next week are 305 and 300. Shares can test 310-315 if they stay above these supports.

Medium-term outlook: Next month

Tata Motors’ share price should rise steadily next month due to increasing fundamentals and market sentiment. The company’s June quarter earnings are expected to improve due to improved performance in Jaguar Land Rover, Commercial Vehicles, and Passenger Vehicles. The reopening of the economy is projected to stimulate car demand, helping Tata Motors grow volume. Technically, the share price can reach 330-340 next month. Watch 305 and 295 on the downside.

The immediate and medium-term prognosis for Tata Motors share price target is encouraging. However, investors should be careful about commodity price increases, supply chain concerns, and a third wave of COVID-19, which might affect demand and stock performance. 

Tata Motors can expand on its momentum if it can deliver operationally through new product introductions, cost optimization, and debt reduction. Tata Motors appears poised to produce shareholder value through more robust financials and stock performance in the following months.

Tata Motors Share Price Target for 2024, 2025 and 2026

Outlook for 2024

Month (2024)Maximum TargetMinimumTarget
JanuaryRs 859Rs 716
FebruaryRs 982Rs 714
MarchRs 940Rs 776
AprilRs 1056Rs 870
MayRs 1052Rs 896
JuneRs 1084Rs 924
JulyRs 1098Rs 936
AugustRs 1187Rs 1011
SeptemberRs 1321Rs 1099
OctoberRs 1459Rs 1223
NovemberRs 1678Rs 1351
DecemberRs 1684Rs 1434

Outlook Tata Motors share price target for 2025

Month (2025)Maximum TargetMinimumTarget 
JanuaryRs 1703Rs 1451
FebruaryRs 1959Rs 1577
MarchRs 2015Rs 1717
AprilRs 2096Rs 1786
MayRs 2183Rs 1859
JuneRs 2021Rs 1611
JulyRs 1842Rs 1570
AugustRs 2119Rs 1706
SeptemberRs 1967Rs 1675
OctoberRs 1998Rs 1702
NovemberRs 1982Rs 1688
DecemberRs 1926Rs 1640

Outlook for 2026

Month (2026)Maximum TargetMinimumTarget
JanuaryRs 3448Rs 4048
FebruaryRs 3503Rs 4113
MarchRs 3475Rs 4079
AprilRs 3376Rs 3964
MayRs 2870Rs 3670
JuneRs 3120Rs 3749
JulyRs 3471Rs 4166
AugustRs 3857Rs 4669
SeptemberRs 4323Rs 5247
OctoberRs 4452Rs 5226
NovemberRs 4590Rs 5388
DecemberRs 4358Rs 5116

Tata Motors’ share price prognosis in the coming years is encouraging if it can handle industry and economic obstacles and capitalize on opportunities like EVs and India’s auto market expansion. If Tata Motors meets these aims, long-term investors may benefit.


In the latest Tata Motors share price target, your investment horizon, risk profile, and belief in Tata Motors’ turnaround and growth plans determine whether you purchase, sell, or hold shares. Current levels are a decent buy for long-term investors but expect short-term fluctuations. Also explore about buy Dogecoin on eToro.

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What is Tata Motors share price target?

Nomura India maintained a Rs 1,057 Tata Motors target price.

What is Tata Motors’ 2024 dividend?

Tata Motors (TATAMOTORS. NSE) will pay a ₹2 dividend on August 11, 2024, with an ex date of July 28, 2024.

Is Tata Motors worth it?

Thus, we downgrade TTMT to Neutral (from BUY) with an unchanged TP of INR1,000 per share. Due to outstanding performance in its primary business divisions, the company has beaten important indices with a 204% return in 36 months compared to the Nifty’s 50%.

What is Tata Motors’ new goal?

Nomura India maintained a Rs 1,057 Tata Motors price objective. This brokerage believes Tata Motors PV might create more value in the coming years.

Can Tata Motors grow?

Tata Motors expects 19.2% annual profitability growth and 8.2% revenue growth. EPS should climb 1.8% annually. ROI is expected to be 27.7% in 3 years.

Why is Tata Motors’ share rising?

Tata Motors shares rise on prospects of increasing value from passenger and commercial vehicle demerger. JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley rate overweight. Demerger for EV, autonomous, and vehicle software synergies in terms of Tata Motors Share Price Target.

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